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Sep 10, 2014 7:38am

On taming large lists

Beginning of September, the time when to-do lists grow as if by themselves. Here are three techniques to make them shorter and more usable:

1. Filter

Filter out the list of tasks you’re going to work on right now. Use @assignee, ^time, or #tag. Don’t forget about useful shortcuts ^now (comprises overdue, today, tomorrow, and asap tasks) and changed: (shows items that were changed during today, yesterday, or another time period).

2. Focus (hoist)

Select a list branch and press Shift-Right to focus on it, and hide the rest of the list. Shift-Left to see all list again.

3. Extract

If you feel that a part of the list deserves to become a separate entity, or if you want to change that part’s permissions — simply extract it as a new list. Select the top list item in that branch, and press xx.

Since the end of August, when we got back from vacation, I find myself permanently using the first two techniques. Helps to see the outcome of the daily work — crossed out and long comparing to the rest of the list :)

Apr 28, 2014 9:34am

Improved backup, Dropbox integration and some fixes

Fixing and improving is an inevitable and may be most pleasing part of the work. However small bug you fix, it gives an immediate ‘evidence of achievement’ ;)

So here’re some improvements, inspired by your constant feedback and advice.

30 day backup

We will now keep 30 backups of all your lists instead of 10. It means 30 days minimum, as Checkvist doesn’t keep two same copies of the lists (so if you didn’t change anything for a couple of days, you’ll have only one backup file, not three same ones).

Dropbox integration

Enable Dropbox integration to save the latest Checkvist backup (zipped OPML files) to your Dropbox folder. If you need an older backup file, you can always get it from the Dropbox history.

And if you’re a Dropbox Business plan user, you’ll have an infinite backup history.

Other fixes

  • Changed the list ‘author’ to ‘owner’ and added a short explanation of Checkvist’s roles and permissions.
  • Fixed problem with background colors + Markdown formatting.
  • Do not focus a single list item without sub-items (when coming from search results or Due page).
  • Selection position fixes
  • Show cross cursor when Shift is pressed (drag-n-drop)
  • Incorrect parent task completion when a child task is deleted
  • Corrected the imported list item/s status
  • When Checkvist page is open during day change, it is refreshed to update due dates presentation (yesterday becomes today, for instance)
  • Fixed some visual glitches in Chrome when adding list items at the bottom of the list
  • Improved support for non-US keyboards, as keyboard shortcuts 0 - 6 ? and / didn’t work correctly there.

As always, we would like all who help us make Checkvist a better tool. Guys, girls, we love working for you. We might be a bit slower on bugfixing nowadays, because Checkvist’s little mobile offspring takes most of the time. But we always hear you. So keep in touch :)

Yours Kir & Sasha

Apr 9, 2014 10:29pm

"Heartbleed" security issue

Most of you probably heard about so-named Heartbleed security problem, which puts at risk sensitive information, including usernames/passwords.

Checkvist servers used the software, which contain this bug, so HTTPS/SSL operations with Checkvist servers could have been compromised.

Currently, we’ve updated the software, and we’ve regenerated SSL certificates used by Checkvist. Now all operations with Checkvist servers should be safe.

But we cannot guarantee, that this problem wasn’t exploited by bad guys previously, when the flawed software was still running. So they could have stolen your usernames and passwords, and we’re unaware about this :(

Chances are, we were lucky and nothing was stolen. But we’d recommend to change your password at your profile page:

Better yet to use a service like LastPass or 1Password to manage all your passwords in one place - just for such situations.

Sorry for the trouble.

Feb 24, 2014 5:03pm

Release: delete notes, context actions, integrations, and fixes

Hello, friends! Here’s another server update that brings smaller features and fixes, inspired mostly by your comments and ideas.

So, what’s new:

Deleting notes

Deleting notes was something we were going to implement for a long time. Of course, one can’t edit notes made by other people, but delete an old discussion? It’s quite useful.

So, if you want to delete just one note, select it and press Del

If you want to delete all notes on a selected list item, press cn (clear notes).

Actions menus

Balancing minimalism and feature discoverability is an issue we’re working on from day one of Checkvist’s public release. Now we’ve added a visual cue for the ‘Actions’ menu, which yes! can be clicked, not only invoked with keyboard :)

Moreover, to give people a hint on using smart syntax, we’ve added the same control to the edited list item:

What do you think, is it better now?

Wipe and reset – now contextual

And one more important thing: all actions from the Actions menu are contextual. It means, that wipeand reset, invoked from the ‘Actions’ menu on the selected task (or via keyboard shortcut), work only on that task and its children.

If you want to reset or wipe tasks from the whole list, you should either remove the selection with esc before typing ‘wipe’, or use the context menu on the list name:


Integrations are great. With Checkvist open API you can do quite a lot – but you must know how to code.

Luckily, there are tools that allow to integrate different applications without a line of code, and we’re starting to investigating the opportunities.

Integration with Evernote via TaskClone

TaskClone automatically copies to-dos from Evernote to other task management apps, including Checkvist. So if you are an Evernote user, you can definitely try this out, as one of our customers already did.

Testing Zapier

In case you need a rich mechanism of integrating Evernote (and 250+ other tools) and Checkvist, you can also try our integration with Zapier. It’s not public yet, but you can still use it and see whether it works. More details on our community page.


  • Fixed the bug in auto-completer for lnk: and lst: actions
  • Fixed the bug when using smart syntax in notes could lead to broken showing of attachments
  • Reworked ‘loading page’ and ‘contacting server’ progress indicators

What’s next? More work on the new mobile app, and more work and more love for Checkvist user interface. We are going to change a lot and hopefully – improve a lot. And as always, we rely on your help and ideas!

Jan 27, 2014 7:51pm

Mouseless Chrome: setting keyboard shortcuts for Checkvist extension and bookmarklet

Chrome extension

You can add a keyboard shortcut to open any Chrome extension without a mouse. The feature is rather hidden, so here’s a walkthrough.

Click the ‘Extensions’ icon in the Chrome toolbar → Tools → Extensions. At the very bottom of the Extension list see the ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ link. Click it, open the Keyboard shortcuts dialog window — set the shortcut.


You can also set a keyboard shortcut for any bookmark or a bookmarklet. Here’s how to add a shortcut for Checkvist bookmarklet:

  • Right click the address bar
  • Select ‘Edit Search Engines…’
  • In the ‘Search engines’ dialog window scroll to the very bottom, and add a shortcut

As you see, we have set c as a one-letter shortcut for Checkvist bookmarklet. To make the bookmarklet work, paste this javascript code into the last field:

javascript:(function() { var doc = top.document; window._cvHost = ‘’; var script = doc.createElement(‘script’); script.type = ‘text/javascript’; script.src = (document.location.protocol == ‘https:’ ? ‘https’ : ‘http’) + ‘://’ + new Date().getTime(); doc.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(script); } )()

Now when you want to quickly open Checkvist bookmarklet, simply use Ctrl+L to set focus into the address bar, type c and then Enter.

No need to say that Checkvist bookmarklet is totally keyboard-friendly. Use Tab or Shift+Tab to move from field to field; ESC to close the window, and Ctrl+Enter to submit.

Happy short-cutting!

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