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Mar 29, 2011 10:53pm

Re-order list items via keyboard and some fixes

Many of my lists are a chronology of all kinds of brainstorming, ideas and plans. Time flows, list grows, and suddenly I see that the structure of the list needs a good re-work and re-think.

How do I re-order items in or even through hierarchical groups?

  1. Cut-and-paste, Ctrl+X / Ctrl+V works on nodes or single list items. The paste will place the item after the selected one.
  2. Drag-n-drop (press and hold Shift key)
  3. Ctrl+Up/Down keyboard shortcut, which allows to move selected item up/down in the list. But until today, you could move items only under the same parent task. Now, this shortcut allows to move items across the list as well. When it is possible, the indenting level of the moved item is preserved.
    Sounds not so fascinating as works:

So if there was a reason for you to drag-n-drop tasks before, now it’s eliminated. Hands on the keyboard, friends!

The fixes I mentioned in the title are

  • Fix notification text after extract checklist command
  • Better merging of status changes in notifications (if a task is closed and reopened, we do not report such change)
  • If item numbering is enabled in list options, we keep same item numbers when the list is re-filtered or “hide completed” command is used

If you see some weird behaviour or a feature doesn’t work as announced, feel free to write us directly at kirsa checkvist com. We do listen.

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